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Monday, February 23, 2009

I am what I am...

I Am: Who I am.
I Want: Things that are beyond my reach.
I Have: A wonderful Family.
I Wish: The court case was settled.
I Fear: It will never be over.
I Hear: What I want to hear.
I Search: For answers.
I Wonder: How my kids will turn out.
I Regret: Not spending more time with my kids.
I Love: With all my heart.
I Always: Worry about my friends.
I Usually: Cuss like a sailor.
I Am Not: Ever going to be skinny.
I Dance: When no one watches!
I Sing: Whenever and wherever but rarely in tune.
I Never: Take care of myself like I should.
I Rarely: Extend myself outside of my comfort zone.
I Cry: At sad movies and when I get really stressed
I Am Not Always:Happy with myself.
I Need:Family and Friends.
I Should: Enjoy Life more and complain less.

1 comment:

Suburbia said...

I love this meme. It says so much in very few words. Great to see you :)