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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Found a Peanut!

Actually I have 7 of them! They are currently driving their Mom nuts but isn't that what all kids do to their Mom! I am hoping that they will soon be ready to head to the pet store. They have to go quickly~everyone including the other pets are getting WAY to curious. My kids are trying to name them. The seven dwarf" were mentioned. I said we couldn't name them because we would get to attached. Too too too late! They have tried to convince me why we need another hamster. Remember I only wanted one to start with. After all, one can't reproduce by itself. So here those peanuts are or at least a couple of them. Enjoy the laugh~on me!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Princess and Debbie

Once upon a time there was a Husband, named Jay. He wasn't thinking on this particular day. We had talked about one day getting a fish tank for our daughter like our son but I discouraged him and said no we have fish let's wait until she can help take care and get her a gerbil. Notice and reread the part about WAIT UNTIL SHE CAN HELP~he become deaf during those words hence, he didn't hear those words uttered. Less than 2 days later I have not 1 gerbil but....are you ready 2 hamsters~Princess and Debbie my Sara named them. Oh they were sooooooo......rats not a cute thing about them and I said one day.... not today and 1 gerbil not....2 hamsters. I know what is the deal with hamsters and gerbils~one has a tail and everybody know that the tail is the handle to catch them with. Now I teach Kindergarten and I know that 1 plus 1 equals 2. My wonderful hubby who is trying for Dad of the year says it is so they will keep each other company~So I ask..How do you know that you have 2 girls? Reply~the salesperson grabbed 2. I ask~What makes you think she is not an idiot? Reply~Now honey! So my family has 4 cats, 1 dog, too many fish, 2 kids (3 if you count my husband) and 2 hamsters:Princess and Debbie. Well~I hated to admit it but they were cute to watch and at night they sure did enjoy the wheel~nocturnal animals you know. Well my 11 year old comes to me about 3 weeks after the new addition arrives and yells for me to come quick something is wrong with one of the hamsters. I am not doing cpr on a rat of any kind "What is wrong? I ask. Chris tells me that one of them has something sideways on his butt~Hello? What did you say? He repeats now my 6 year old wants to come check it out. Well sure enough I am expecting to see Debbie giving birth......Nope.....Want to guess again. Remember this is the child who thinks he knows it all about puberty and sex right? Nope! I look expecting the worse and find ~ nuts! Yep! Princess is really a Prince. So at first I laugh and explain to my son that when we got the critters everything was too small and now they have grown and you notice them. That is when I realize that if Princess is really a Prince and we have Debbie tooo(Nope I checked she is like a Mounds candy bar~no nuts). Oh crap! WE could have babies. That exact moment~MY Hubby the love of my life ~The man that is going to start sleeping on the couch speaks "Oh yeah~the other nite I caught them "wrestling" wink wink and forgot to mention it to you. Oh well there is a reason I am fixed for a reason I have plenty to feed, dress, clean, I don't know nothing about birthing hamster babies. Until June 18th~yes they arrived! ALL 7 OF THEM! The ugliest, hairless, wiggly, peanuts you could ever imagine. So now I have 9 hamsters to go with the rest of my family~but I have convinced the family to take real good care of them. If they don't I just told them they will all make excellent food for the cats! It is working so far!! OK it is just a joke I would not harm any animal...(with the exception of my Hubby!) And we all lived happily ever after!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take them by 2 and 3

Or close to that! Yesterday was go to Mom's and help her take the animals for their annual shots/check up. Well~what an adventure. My Mama is getting closer to 70 and is as active as she can be with a severe deteriorating back condition can be. Although my younger sister hints around that people are going to consider her a crazy cat lady~she has a dog too! Just kidding! She loves animals! My Mama's dog adopted a cat so they go on the first trip. The Vet is new to the Dr's office and it felt like her first day. She went on and on and on about this dog being a geriatric~hello my Mama doesn't need to hear that over and over! This is my Mama's companion and is always there watching over her and makes sure she doesn't over do things. Anyway the first trip took 45 minutes and that was with no waiting in the waiting room and we were just there to get 2 shots each. I am glad this dr isn't by gynecologist or it would take a day or two for that exam. Well~Mom has 3 more cats that had to go so........
Now that leads to trip two. It took a lot of actual running around~her cats are strange and for some strange reason they don't like getting in a carrier to drive in a car to go visit a lady that is going to poke, prod, and then some more not so fun things. Oh did I mention of the last 3 cats~one happens to be 18 years old so she is really up there in people years. Her name is Itchy but that is only because she really acts bitchy~Can't wait to see what the dr says about this old girl. Well once again we hear the trio of cries going to see the dr. It really helps to have my 11 year old singing the same cry just lots and lots louder. Well with the exception that "Itchy" most things went well. She had to be sedated and have blood work but......... she is a geriatric.
I had a laugh about the day and it was a day just to take 5 animals to get shots. My dad used to say he wished that when he died he could come back as one of our animals because we take such good care of them. With the dog coming off her leash, the cardboard carrier that is 20 years old broke, 3 cats running around a two story house hiding under beds, hissing, growling, and spitting at you, and then you have my son who has chased them instead of just letting them just be and he helped them sing their loud crying sounds. That is when it hit me~My dad did come back but it was not as an animal. It was in my son! My dad would be so proud of him~he has some of those funny traits that he had and the compassion that my Dad didn't want people to know about, and his sense of humor that has made us laugh throughout the journey of our day! May your day be filled with love, life, and laughter!

One Out of Two

This week my youngest has had daycamp. It is amazing what it is like to just have time with my oldest child. I forget that for 4 years it was just the two of us and we had so much fun. I miss that alone 1 on 1 time with each of my kids. When they are together they are always fussing and fuming and can't find anything to do. When they are alone they entertain themself and me. We have done nothing wonderful but it has given us that time to laugh and have fun. I have a hard time realizing that he is 11 years old and in just a very short time he will graduate High School. Then reality strikes and my daughter comes in from camp and realizes that we had time without her and so now she wants to plan some serious girl time. I know that they will one day be fighting on who gets stuck with me with I am old and I drool~but for now I am glad the fight is who can spend time with me. Gotta run~my day starts in a few hours and I want to enjoy it all before they try to lock me in an old folks home! May you have a blessed day and should it not smell like roses just remember it is the poop in life that make the roses stonger, bolder, and better!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clear My Head

Well I am trying to clear my head. For almost 3 years my husband and I have been working on getting things settled from being injured. I get tired of talking about it because I hate that it is constantly on my brain. But it is~Constantly there! I am so tired of this mess and yet it has consumed our life because it has caused us to regroup and rearrange our life and move forward. My kids have been affected by our stress. I have gained so much weight and Jay has just lost sleep. I can honestly say that I have been depresses and this summer have accomplished nothing. I eat, cook, and worry. What I really want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep. Just so i can avoid the issues. I guess the reason I am blogging this crap~is to unload, admit and move on. We had hoped big developments were to occur today. But once again~it didn't pan out. That is ok! I have had to regroup and re~evaluate and here is what I discovered. If nothing happens~I am ok! I do want things to be over. But I have seen so many ways the God has blessed my family and that is all that matters. God has seen us through this event with Jay not losing his eye or his complete vision,a new and better job for Jay, and a much stronger~but very stressed family. I do not care if I have to pay the medical bills that should have been covered by the former boss. I know in my heart and head we have played by the rules and learned from this experience. I do see this as a life lesson that I have walked away with strength, courage, success, and a stronger faith in God. I have always know that God would never give me more than I can handle and I doubted this during this time in my life but as always He saw me and my family through this tribublation. I am glad to know that with God on my side I can handle all things through Him. Now I have to get my butt up and get this extra baggage off my rear. And i know I can do this~but it is not going to be fun! I am grateful for my family and friends~they are the ones that kept my mind on the important things and they kept us in their prayers. That is a debt I will never be able to repay! Have a Super Duper Friday! I know I will now that I have gotten this off my chest~too bad it took me 3 days! See ya!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's a Spot ~There's A spot~Everywhere a Spot!

You got to love summer! Last week we had Vacation Bible School at Church and we had so much fun. This week~I plan to get some serious cleaning! Well that is still the plan but....while we were watching a family movie I noticed something. My son had several bites on his arms and they were itchy~guess what not bites~Chicken Poxs! Or as I call it Chicken spots! My son is 11 and has been exposed dozens of times and had the shot~oh well. I have to laugh and I want to play connect the spots but he doesn't find humor in my playing with a Sharpie! Especially since the largest population occurs below the equator and I don't mean his cute knees. I shouldn't find humor in this but I have learned that laughing makes you stronger. At least this is a mild case and we are oh so lucky! So I am off to play a new dot to dot game! Hope you are having a great day!
Hope you have a Spot free day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Best Fish Story

My sister moved about two months to Tennessee. It was nice she waited until about 3 weeks before moving to tell the family~she is an artist~it is all about the drama! Well at her old house she and her husband had a huge goldfish pond they made with blood, sweat, tears and ugly words~lots and lots of ugly words. The pond was beautiful and they did an amazing job. I asked when she moved was she taking her little fish babies with her~Nope! They were going with the house and that was that. Well I told her a dear friend of mine bought and shipped fish all over the country and could help if she changed her mind. Well~sure enough a month passed and she missed her wee ones and knew that No one was tending to the pond like needed as the house hadn't sold and these fish were going to die because no one was caring for them. Again~Do you want me to ask David to help~well no I don't think so. I could tell she ways swaying and didn't want to have anyone help her~because that might make her in debt to them and this we can't have. So....about 2 days later the answer became YES!! Do you think he could fix it where they could ride in a car for about 8 hours. Well ~ David is the bomb! Of course 20 body bags, an oxygen tank, rubber bands and some little blue pills later we could move a horse under water and he survive the trip. Well my sister and her Hubby were having to come this way for a wedding and could she stay for the weekend and oh yes~could I help catch 8 huge fish bag, tag and store them at my house for 48 hours and then bag, tag, and prepare them for their journey to Tennessee. Sure~why not ~what could possibly happen. Well 2 1/2 hours just to catch those slippery sap suckers and then we put them in a 15 gallon container to drive them to my house. One fish in particular had issues from the start. Every time we almost had him he would jump from the net~move briskly~it was almost as if the fish gods were trying to tell us it was not his time to travel. But did we listen~nope we are women~hear us roar! We after a lot of profanity and laughing caught him and put him with the rest of his bother and sister fish. Drove an hour to my house and put them in their weekend estate~my small not built by my hands but adequate fish home aka the dog's large water bowl. Well we being women were proud that we had managed the task at hand and although it took some doing got them the the 1/2 way point.
Well~things went well for about 45 minutes. My son went to go check on the new friends only to discover that the one that we had a hard time catching originally had committed suicide. I told you we should have listened to the great fish gods. Well what do you do~laugh that was all we could do at least 7 of the other guys were still living~can't mourn for the dead just rejoice for the living and hope that they continue you to do so! Well Sunday morning came and it was time to put David's instructions and supplies to good use. We took a huge bag put enough water to cover the fish and then added a little more, added a little blue pill~not that kind but something that helped them reduce the stress of the trip and enjoy the ride~kind of like Prozac for fish~added pure oxygen and then banded the top. This went smoothly for fish 1,fish 2, and fish 3, and then we ran out of pure oxygen. Could this get any funnier oh yeah~David is out of town. CRAP! Now how are we going to do it since I don't know any old folks with an oxygen tank. Well we call David and he tells us we really don't have to have pure oxygen we could just let air into the bag naturally ~it SHOULD work. Well what else could we do. Well we finished packaging fish and got them on their way to Tennessee. Well I could not help but call that night to make sure there were no more casualties. Believe it or not the rest arrived alive to their new home!!Moral of the story~just buy more fish instead of trying to travel with them. You will grow to love your new fish as much as you loved your original fish!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer is Really Here!

I feel like I have been absent for a long time and haven't caught up on anyone~but I am back! summer is here and I have already read 2 books and in the process of my 3rd. The kids are getting on each others nerves but... not bad enough to go pick weeds in the yard. I feel that so much weight has been lifted and now I can be a Mom for the next few weeks. That is something I love! I have officially begun making my list of the things I want to accomplish this summer! I have high hopes for these next 2 months! I hope that I get alot done but maybe even Mr.Honey, the 2 kids, and me can get away for a couple of days to unwind and have fun! Gotta run but "I'll be back!"