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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I write with a heavy heart and I am writing just so I can get my thought off my chest. I received a phone call from my brother tonight. Well~I assumed Hell had frozen over or he wanted to discuss putting my Mama in an assisted living center. You see although we live in the same town we aren't very close. Well I was wrong~way wrong. He wanted to tell me about his wife~they found breast cancer. Wow! You could blow me over with a whisper. It is not that I thought my life would not be impacted by cancer. But her Mom died at an early age of cancer and ever since she has annual test and scans just to be precarious. Some times she completes scan every 6 months because of family history. They asked me not to say anything but because they wanted to be able to notify certain people and they didn't want me to hear it through the rumor vine. But they are also doing more test, bone scans and gathering all data to make decisions. My heart hurts because she is a very very private person and she does not share personal issues and I know that they are all over whelmed. She has two kids (16 and 12 year old boys)and I am sure they are rattled. Oh well thanks for listening and if my cookie crumb friend reads my blog~please just keep it in your cookie jar until I know more. Well~I'm off~Good Night!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home again Home again!

We are home!Yeah!! I miss home! We had a nice weekend the mountains were nice~could have stayed longer! I do love the mountains! We went to the aquarium and taught my kids how to slide down a big hill on card board boxes! Which was priceless. I loved seeing my sister and her husband and their new place. Thanks to God it wasn't that bad! I still wanted to kill my sister and the way she treats my kids but my kids were wonderful! I couldn't have paid them to be better. My sister doesn't have kids and she doesn't know how to respond to kids but my kids made me proud! Oh well I'll post some pictures but I'll write more later

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The expression ~You can't live with them and you can't live without them. That is what family means to me. I am going to visit my sister next weekend and I am very nervous. My sister moved this past summer to Tennessee. I have tried 2-3 times to go see her and her hubby but circumstances beyond my control has prevented the trip. I love my sister and her husband they are really remarkable people. My sister does not have any children and I am always nervous because she is not used to kids. My kids are kids 100% but they when even on their best behavior It is not going to be good enough. I know they will screw up something and I am nervous. I am kind of glad my husbnd will stay here because he is like adding another kid to the bunch. Isn't that an awful way to feel~I am always wanting everbody to be happy and I always feel that no matter how my husband and kids are it isn't good enough to her standards. I know that sounds bad~but I feel that way. She tells me that us coming isn't a big deal but I know that it is and she probably isn't happy about all the company but I gave her the chance to say no~she didn't. To add to the fun~I'm taking my Mom. She doesn't travel well or often anymore but I thought that might help me out with the uncomfortable feeling. We will see~Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Halloween Is Coming!

Sorry I know I'm ahead by a month but....I'm getting ready for a shoebox exchange. That is where I bring an October craft and enough supplies for everyone to make it and then I get to make an example of everyone else's treat. I'm excited so I am sending you the pictures of the Frankenstein and Mummy that I am bringing. Hope you like it! Have a great Day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well I know that my blogging and my reading have suffered but....I blame having to work! It is really not that bad but I am PMSing so the weight of the world is on me today. I am on sensitive overdrive but ...I will get over it. I didn't get on here to complain but to share how my life continues to go in circles in the education world. I began teaching in this town in 1990. I taught the Mildly Intellectually disabled group~boy could I tell you some tales of those days. I learned a lot! I think I know a story for every child that was in that group but I will only tell you one ...A boy named Travis. He was a child with a drug addict mom who was not highly educated(5th-8th grade education). He had quite a bad temper but many reasons led up to all of his attitude issues. But Travis was all boy and got in trouble not just with me but any other adult at the school. This one day Travis was having a bad day and was about to be paddled by the principal he took off out of the office and for that matter out of the school. I looked up at the principal who was a short mean woman as if thinking she with all of her years of experience would offer words of wisdom~NOPE! She looked at me and asked "Oh no~What should we do?" I with 2 years of experience yelled "Go get your car and let's get him." I started running. Since you don't know the neighborhood I want you to visualize. The family circus cartoon when the little boy, Billy draws a diagram that goes around and around and around just to end up a short distance away from where he started. Well now picture a short white woman in an all black neighborhood, top heavy without her jogging bra, and I am not nor have I ever been a jogger. Oh~ the principal who is in a car....yeah she was of no help. After a 2 mile adventure through the projects~an area that was worse then the projects and back by the school then to his grandmother's house a mile from the school in a different direction~ I caught up with Travis~not the principal who was in the car. OH I must tell you in this area~not many people were working this particular day so.....they were sitting on the porch watching the dumb white girl try to catch the quick speed lightening little boy while they were drinking, smoking weed, and laughing them self off there stool. Well I tell you this story so that you will appreciate my day~I got a new student today. Guess what her father's name is.....yep! It is my old friend speed lightening...Travis! Hope you have had a great day! If nothing else~I hope you have had a laugh!