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Sunday, September 14, 2008


The expression ~You can't live with them and you can't live without them. That is what family means to me. I am going to visit my sister next weekend and I am very nervous. My sister moved this past summer to Tennessee. I have tried 2-3 times to go see her and her hubby but circumstances beyond my control has prevented the trip. I love my sister and her husband they are really remarkable people. My sister does not have any children and I am always nervous because she is not used to kids. My kids are kids 100% but they when even on their best behavior It is not going to be good enough. I know they will screw up something and I am nervous. I am kind of glad my husbnd will stay here because he is like adding another kid to the bunch. Isn't that an awful way to feel~I am always wanting everbody to be happy and I always feel that no matter how my husband and kids are it isn't good enough to her standards. I know that sounds bad~but I feel that way. She tells me that us coming isn't a big deal but I know that it is and she probably isn't happy about all the company but I gave her the chance to say no~she didn't. To add to the fun~I'm taking my Mom. She doesn't travel well or often anymore but I thought that might help me out with the uncomfortable feeling. We will see~Keep your fingers crossed!


Suburbia said...

Oh, rather you than me!!
It's so sad you feel this way though. My kids always play-up more just when you are desperate for them to behave, so you have my sympathies. However the fact that your sister didn't say no means she is probably looking forward to seeing you very much. And you never know, perhaps she will enjoy having some life about the place?!
I hope you have a good time. Quite often when we anticipate things not going well we can be pleasantly surprised. x

Susan said...

Oh Suburbia~I just hope my kids are not worse then I am planning! I am sure I will enjoy it~but I doubt we will be asked back for many months after our visit! We will see! Thanks

Suburbia said...

So how did it go?!!