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Monday, September 8, 2008

Halloween Is Coming!

Sorry I know I'm ahead by a month but....I'm getting ready for a shoebox exchange. That is where I bring an October craft and enough supplies for everyone to make it and then I get to make an example of everyone else's treat. I'm excited so I am sending you the pictures of the Frankenstein and Mummy that I am bringing. Hope you like it! Have a great Day!


Suburbia said...

Those are fantastic but need more explanation please!!!! Being from 'over here' I have no idea what you mean!
And as for Halloween, that just makes me feel the winter is almost here and with the summer we've had, it never really went away!

Susan said...

Suburbia, I make special treats for my class, my daughter's class and those special trick or treaters. It has a candy treat under the wrapping. I love making treats for the holidays!

Liz said...

Those are fabulous. Thanks for the explanation requested by Suburbia too!