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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home again Home again!

We are home!Yeah!! I miss home! We had a nice weekend the mountains were nice~could have stayed longer! I do love the mountains! We went to the aquarium and taught my kids how to slide down a big hill on card board boxes! Which was priceless. I loved seeing my sister and her husband and their new place. Thanks to God it wasn't that bad! I still wanted to kill my sister and the way she treats my kids but my kids were wonderful! I couldn't have paid them to be better. My sister doesn't have kids and she doesn't know how to respond to kids but my kids made me proud! Oh well I'll post some pictures but I'll write more later


dot said...

The kids are cute! I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.

Suburbia said...

So glad it all went well. It's great when your kids 'rise' to the occasion at the right time. How does your sister treat them?
You look like you had fun anyway, particularly when you released them from their cage!!!

Liz said...

It looks like they had fun anyway!