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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well I know that my blogging and my reading have suffered but....I blame having to work! It is really not that bad but I am PMSing so the weight of the world is on me today. I am on sensitive overdrive but ...I will get over it. I didn't get on here to complain but to share how my life continues to go in circles in the education world. I began teaching in this town in 1990. I taught the Mildly Intellectually disabled group~boy could I tell you some tales of those days. I learned a lot! I think I know a story for every child that was in that group but I will only tell you one ...A boy named Travis. He was a child with a drug addict mom who was not highly educated(5th-8th grade education). He had quite a bad temper but many reasons led up to all of his attitude issues. But Travis was all boy and got in trouble not just with me but any other adult at the school. This one day Travis was having a bad day and was about to be paddled by the principal he took off out of the office and for that matter out of the school. I looked up at the principal who was a short mean woman as if thinking she with all of her years of experience would offer words of wisdom~NOPE! She looked at me and asked "Oh no~What should we do?" I with 2 years of experience yelled "Go get your car and let's get him." I started running. Since you don't know the neighborhood I want you to visualize. The family circus cartoon when the little boy, Billy draws a diagram that goes around and around and around just to end up a short distance away from where he started. Well now picture a short white woman in an all black neighborhood, top heavy without her jogging bra, and I am not nor have I ever been a jogger. Oh~ the principal who is in a car....yeah she was of no help. After a 2 mile adventure through the projects~an area that was worse then the projects and back by the school then to his grandmother's house a mile from the school in a different direction~ I caught up with Travis~not the principal who was in the car. OH I must tell you in this area~not many people were working this particular day so.....they were sitting on the porch watching the dumb white girl try to catch the quick speed lightening little boy while they were drinking, smoking weed, and laughing them self off there stool. Well I tell you this story so that you will appreciate my day~I got a new student today. Guess what her father's name is.....yep! It is my old friend speed lightening...Travis! Hope you have had a great day! If nothing else~I hope you have had a laugh!


Suburbia said...

Wow, that's amazing. I wonder what he'll be like? I wonder if he will get better parenting than his dad did.
We have 3 or more troubled 7 year olds this term (started back 2 days ago)They come to school with too much baggage. One can only hope the safe environment of school will help them a little.
Hope you're feeling a little better now

dot said...

Funny and rather amazing too. It reminds me of when I was nursing in nursing homes and a patient would decide to leave and we'd have to find them.

Liz said...

Oh boy! Did he remember you? I bet he's told his daughter his version of the story all right!