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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Out of Two

This week my youngest has had daycamp. It is amazing what it is like to just have time with my oldest child. I forget that for 4 years it was just the two of us and we had so much fun. I miss that alone 1 on 1 time with each of my kids. When they are together they are always fussing and fuming and can't find anything to do. When they are alone they entertain themself and me. We have done nothing wonderful but it has given us that time to laugh and have fun. I have a hard time realizing that he is 11 years old and in just a very short time he will graduate High School. Then reality strikes and my daughter comes in from camp and realizes that we had time without her and so now she wants to plan some serious girl time. I know that they will one day be fighting on who gets stuck with me with I am old and I drool~but for now I am glad the fight is who can spend time with me. Gotta run~my day starts in a few hours and I want to enjoy it all before they try to lock me in an old folks home! May you have a blessed day and should it not smell like roses just remember it is the poop in life that make the roses stonger, bolder, and better!


dot said...

Cute post! Sounds like my two when they were young.

Suburbia said...

Oh I miss that 1 to 1 time too. They are both so different when you have them by themselves, such good company. When they're together they both act about 3 years old!!
Is your sons chicken pox better now?
Still envying you your holiday! Still 5 weeks to go here (and counting!)

Susan said...

Dot, don't you wish you could just keep them at that stage for a long time.
Sub~He is now spot free~thanks so much for asking! He does still have a littlt sharpie left from playing connect the dots. Hey I made be 40 but I still enjoy having fun!!

Liz said...

That's a great attitude to have! I'll have to remember thath it's the poop that makes the roses better.