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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take them by 2 and 3

Or close to that! Yesterday was go to Mom's and help her take the animals for their annual shots/check up. Well~what an adventure. My Mama is getting closer to 70 and is as active as she can be with a severe deteriorating back condition can be. Although my younger sister hints around that people are going to consider her a crazy cat lady~she has a dog too! Just kidding! She loves animals! My Mama's dog adopted a cat so they go on the first trip. The Vet is new to the Dr's office and it felt like her first day. She went on and on and on about this dog being a geriatric~hello my Mama doesn't need to hear that over and over! This is my Mama's companion and is always there watching over her and makes sure she doesn't over do things. Anyway the first trip took 45 minutes and that was with no waiting in the waiting room and we were just there to get 2 shots each. I am glad this dr isn't by gynecologist or it would take a day or two for that exam. Well~Mom has 3 more cats that had to go so........
Now that leads to trip two. It took a lot of actual running around~her cats are strange and for some strange reason they don't like getting in a carrier to drive in a car to go visit a lady that is going to poke, prod, and then some more not so fun things. Oh did I mention of the last 3 cats~one happens to be 18 years old so she is really up there in people years. Her name is Itchy but that is only because she really acts bitchy~Can't wait to see what the dr says about this old girl. Well once again we hear the trio of cries going to see the dr. It really helps to have my 11 year old singing the same cry just lots and lots louder. Well with the exception that "Itchy" most things went well. She had to be sedated and have blood work but......... she is a geriatric.
I had a laugh about the day and it was a day just to take 5 animals to get shots. My dad used to say he wished that when he died he could come back as one of our animals because we take such good care of them. With the dog coming off her leash, the cardboard carrier that is 20 years old broke, 3 cats running around a two story house hiding under beds, hissing, growling, and spitting at you, and then you have my son who has chased them instead of just letting them just be and he helped them sing their loud crying sounds. That is when it hit me~My dad did come back but it was not as an animal. It was in my son! My dad would be so proud of him~he has some of those funny traits that he had and the compassion that my Dad didn't want people to know about, and his sense of humor that has made us laugh throughout the journey of our day! May your day be filled with love, life, and laughter!


dot said...

Sounds like that was quite an adventure!

Suburbia said...

Thats a lovely post! Sounds like the whole thing was completely mad!!
So good your son kept you all smiling.
Those cats look purrrfect!

Susan said...

Dot that is an under statement!

Suburbia if it is not mad than you must be with the wrong family! I don't know if I would describe them as purrrfect or more like hisssssterical!

Liz said...

What a day! I don't envy you.

Your son sounds like a character all right!