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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ding Dong the Kids are Gone!

I am sad believe it or not~I am going to miss this years students. I am glad that school is out~I am so ready to just be a Mama for a few months. I love teaching ~Hate the paper work! But I have had several kids this year that have touched me like I didn't expect. We have connected in a way and it was hard for me to hug them and watch them leave for the last time in Kindergarten. Now in a couple of weeks I will be receiving a new bunch of kids that will offer something to help myself grow even more. It is amazing what I have learned so much from a little 5 year old soul. I am blessed by the kids I teach. They always seem to teach me something every year! Well got to go for now~but I'll be back!


Suburbia said...

That is the worst thing isn't it? You get to know them so well and then they move on.

Hope you have a good rest though, you'll need it for the next lot!!

Liz said...

You're bound to miss some of them sometimes but as you say, there'll soon be a new lot to teach you new things.

roger said...

Ding Dong although the kids have left already, you have a new batch to look forward to. A new chapter to your life will be yours to write again.