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Monday, August 11, 2008

Please Don't Give Up!

Alright the bells of school have rung or as I like to call them from one of my favorite bands "Hells Bells". I have been absent but it is not just because of school~Lightening zapped my house last week and got computers/modems/printers/tv/more. But I am not complaining we are spending more quality time with each other without passing the remote to the tv or swapping chairs with one another at the computer. School is getting in the swing and I am going to be back and among the techo world soon~I promise to catch up on all of my reading to see how all of you are doing! Peace be with you and I'll be sharing with you soon!


Suburbia said...

Wow, you got zapped by lightening!
We're back from holiday early due to excess rain! Hope your first few days back to work were not too painful :)

Liz said...

Oh no! Lightning killed our answerphone once but so far our computer's been okay. That reminds me: I must do a back-up!