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Monday, November 3, 2008

Well~I'm Back!

Sorry I have been MIA for sooooo long. I have had to take time for family, friends, and self. When I last posted I left stating my SIL was diagnosed with Breast cancer. Since then she has had a single mastectomy and will begin chemo tomorrow. I have left a lot of ups and downs out of this bog otherwise I would be typing for hours and hours. But the important parts are that God is in control and had been since the news hit. I am so glad that He is a part of Our life because it has made this so much easier on her and her family. She has the best spirit and attitude and it shows through her. She is awesome and strong! I promise to try and catch up with everyone and to post more often now that things are beginning to settle. Wishing everyone Joy for your Spirit, Peace for your Soul, and Love in your Life Always!


Suburbia said...

Good to have you back and glad things seem to be going ok for now.

Liz said...

I pray that it all goes well. It is so much easier - you will understand what I mean by that - still not easy of course - when we have God in our lives to be the rock of our support.