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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am not a big political voice~but I learned from my Dad a simple rule about voting! My Dad and I use to stay up late and talk about everything! I would have said that he was my best friend and when I lost him I feel like I lost a lot! But for those that didn't know him they missed out on a large funny man that could teach you something without realizing he did it and you not realizing you learned until later on down the line in time. I always get on a soapbox but not usually about voting. My story is quick but I hope it makes you think down the line. One night we were discussing someone that was in the government. As I vented to why I liked/didn't like this person my Dad listened. After my ramblings ~ my dad asked me did I vote for him. I said I didn't vote in that election because i knew that my vote wouldn't matter. My Dad stopped me right there and said to me~"Well Since you didn't vote~your opinion doesn't count!" When asked what he meant, he explained he didn't care if my voted counted against his person or was for his person. What mattered is that I voted and put forth my effort to help make a decision. If I wanted to fuss about the government than it was my job to educate myself as best I could to learn who might or might not do a good job and sometimes you vote for the lesser of two evils~just as long as I voted for someone. He didn't care if my vote counted against his vote just as long as I voted! He said if I was going to take the time to complain than at least if I voted my complaint was acceptable~he might not agree with it~but at lest I took the effort to take part! Well it is Super Tuesday and I made sure my family had voted. We voted early last Friday! So I do not care who you voted for and if your vote counts against me just do what you need to do! So I hope you voted! Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Andrea said...

My husband and I went to vote today. I agree with your dad, if you don't vote, I don't want to hear your opinion. No vote, no say.

dot said...

Ok. I'm keeping my mouth shut.

I like this post about yur DAd. He was a smart man.

Sharon said...

It sounds like your dad was a wise man. You are sooo lucky!

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Mrs nesbitt's blog. In Australia, where I live, voting is compulsory.