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Friday, February 1, 2008


I am in a funk and no matter how hard I try I can not escape so.....sorry for you I am hoping if I spit it out on this page maybe it will help my feelings and release me from their bindings. I am in a frustrating job~I am not going to rehash why~if you teach have taught you know. But I have been trying to talk to my husband to explain the frustration and to let him know that I am not happy at the moment with the positon that not only pays my salary but that allows us as a family to have insurance. He being male~hears I had a crappy day! Even though I am trying to say I need a change in my life. He hears sometimes when I talk but he is not listening ~I know that not all men really listen and to give him the benefit of the doubt he has had a lot going on in his world for 1 1/2 years. In under a 2 day cliff note version~My husband was litte4rally nailed in his eye by his former boss and for two years we have been fighting to get this man to pay for his eye surgery, loss of wages for being out of work and for future medical bills which will hopefully but probably come because of the severity of the eye injury. I have supported him going out on his own and through all the legal mumbo jumbo that goes along with this very involved issue. All I want is for him to listen to me be frustrated and be a sounding board. Not to toot my own horn but with the exception of a couple of times I have kept myself strong sometimes too strong through this fight for justice~but right now I don't want to be the strong, positive, and everything is going to be happily everafter person. I want to be the ofther person that I am usually not. I know this too shall pass and my disposition will adjust for the good. But every now and again I don't want to be the grown up~I just want to be a 5 year old who is mad because somone took their sticker. Oh well~ sorry for the hum drum post~I am going for my saw dust therapy tonight~I have a stamping night!!! So I will post my therapy crafts later! I hope that you have had a magical week but even more I hope that you have a funfilled weekend!


dot said...

I hope it helped to get it off your chest! I wasn't married to my husband when he was still teaching but he has always told me how stressful it was. He had a heart attack in his forties but I think other things contributed to it besides teaching. (like smoking and eating wrong). I worked with a lady who quit teaching and got her RN and she was a wonderful nurse but I wouldn't recomment nursing to anyone. I wish I knew something to help but I don't.
Hope you enjoy your stamping tonite and look forward to seeing any you want to share.

Andrea said...

I knew a man teacher who got out of teaching and went into logging. LOL Don't guess you would be interested in that. I used to substitute teach for several years and I got burned out because children as so disrespectful. When I got to the point that I came home and wanted to fuss at my children for little things I knew it was time to give it up. Good luck whatever you do. Just have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.