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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stamping Projects

I promised to post my pictures from stamping~ So I hope you enjoyed. The birthday calendar is cool~Use a business card holder, roll white cardstock and cut. Use labels to put names and birthdays~put labels on the card. My friends suggested using labels to put their address on the back so that it is handy when you get ready to send a card!The bugs and kisses was an idea we found off of splitcoast stampers. I got with my friend Nadine and we made these for our classes and children's friends. We made 75 of these cute things in a couple of hours on Sat. afternoon. Hope you like them! Have a great beginning to a very Smurfy Week!!


dot said...

Cute stuff you made. I especially like the card.

see you there! said...

The hugs and kisses topper and pkg. really got my attention. Those would be fun to make and just drop off here and there to special people.


Andrea said...

Nice card. I am hearing a lot about people making cards. I need to check into this project. Looks interesting and fun.

Sharon said...

I love your stamping projects! I think I detect some stamping up stamps. I use that brand myself! Happy stamping!