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Sunday, March 9, 2008

It seems like Forever!

I have been all out of sorts. I have had the flu and I have had a hard time getting back in the swing of things!I haven't visited anyones blogs nor have I written anything for weeks. We have had girl's weekend! The boys went over night for a campout at a state park and Sara Michael and I have had a little girl fun! We enjoy this time away from the boys~don't get me wrong we love them but we need down time. I have had such a week. I have had a student that was suspened for destroying my classrom and she returned on Friday. Friday went beautifully as I expected as this child just has these few times where she has major tantrums~but this isn't about her it is about me! I got to have her grandmother in my room all day too! I also got a visit from another set of parents on Friday to help me with their child. It made me feel like everyone was watching how I teach and I was under the microscope but the other parents came because we had talked the day before because of my concern that their child has extremem difficulty staying on task. I do not think that she can control her lack of attention but I did not know they were going to visit on Friday while this other lady was here! You would think that I would be happy that Friday was over but Monday I get to have this child that was on suspension Mother all day! She couldn't meet until Monday for us all to get together and establish a behavior plan. And while I am venting I had a new student enroll on Thursday that has many issues on her own. I do not listen to other teachers when they complain on student's behavior~but this young girl has been through so much from foster care and back with her parents, and she is immature and can't stay in one place for more than a minute. I have always ended up with lower students at my request because of my educational backgroud but this year not only do I have students with academic issues but behavior issues and I am the inclusion classroom for our mild and moderate intellectual kids. I have had a very tough year and I am ready for summer~I am not usually this way. Normally I love teaching and the challenges that I meet. I know I am blessed to have the students I have because I have something to gain from them and they have something to gain from me. This year I don't think I am providing them what I am suppose to~I feel like I am letting them down. Oh well enough of me focusing on me! Hope you sprung forward your clocks and have a wonderful day!


Sharon said...

Hi, glad to see you are back and all better from having had the flu.

Sounds like you are having a rough year. Last year was a rough one for me with behavior problems etc. This year is ok behavior wise, only about three real problems. It seems to go in cycles. All you can do is pray and keep on doing what your know is best for your class. God bless you!

I have something for you at my blog.

Paulie said...

Good to see you posting again although it was a "get it all out" post. . . Blessings for the rest of the year --teachers have the hardest job around!

Andrea said...

So sorry you have been down with the flu. It is going around our area and I am praying hard I do not get it.

My prayers are with you for a better year. Last year was rough for us, our daughter had brain cancer but through much prayer and faith in God, HE healed her.