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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things you learn at school!

This school year had been an adventure!Just when I think I have seen and witnessed it all~another student steps up to surprise me again! Yesterday a student that I have received less than 10 days ago reminded me how a 5 year old thinks. Tina* (I changed her name) has a difficult time staying in her chair, completing a task that take over 1 1/2 minutes,has no impulse control, and extremely challenged in maintaining an attention to any topic. Nope~I did not say she was ADHD~I am not a doctor and can not diagnosis this condition. But if I were pretending to be a Dr for the purpose of this blog~you bet your bottom dollar she is ADHD to the extreme. Tina came to me with a very long list of referrals to the office from her previous school(double digits). But I have grown to love Tina ~she has gotten under my skin. Her life has been rough with a lot of foster care and moving around. Who couldn't help love this child. She is not mean or hateful~she just can't stick to any one thing without an adult to guide or hold her hand through the task. Now let me tell you about our day. Tina was at center time with her partner so that she goes and does what she is suppose to do. However, my para was sick and she is the glue that makes this partnership work. I was trying to complete my last reading group of the day when I noticed Tina was at the writing center with glue. I don't keep glue a the writing center it was suppose to be on the shelf. I asked her to put it up and she did. I explained that the writing center was for writing. She put up the glue. Within minutes I looked up she has a different bottle of glue~I again told her to put it up and told her we didn't need glue today. Again she put it up. While trying to complete a running record of a child's reading from my group I again saw another bottle of glue~instead of saying anything. I got up took the glue and said to Tina to clean up and sit down. I reminded her that 3 times I had told her not to use the glue. She told me she found those glue bottles that she didn't get the glue out again! I asked her to clean up and si down because I was almost finished and it was time to get ready for lunch. I went back to finish with the student I had been working with when I heard a loud "oh, my Lord!" When I turned to see Tina again with a bottle of glue with the entire top off because the top wouldn't turn and a new bottle of glue 1/2 gone. It was on her paper, the table, her shirt, and the floor. Nothing that fussing wouldn't matter and killing her wasn't going to help the "sticky" situation. I stopped reading went to the table to clean. Oh she helped but kept telling me I needed to get better glue bottles~ I cleaned and the students got ready for lunch! Well at lunch Tina and I sat together to discuss the fact of the matter. She apologized and was sweet. I reminded her that I had told her three times that she was not suppose to have the glue. Her sweet brown eyes looked up at me while she hugged me with pizza covered hands and innocently said~"Well, I guess you should have told me four times." I smiled hugged her back and said"yep~I guess that might have worked!" You know she was probably right if I had told her 4 times instead of 3 I probably wouldn't have cleaned up glue! I hope you are smiling~because that means that Tina has touched your heart as much as she has touched mine! Have a great night!

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dot said...

What a sweet story! My husband is a retired teacher and he's a volunteer in one of his grandson's classes so I enjoy hearing little stories like this from him also.
I've never been good with children but I admire those who are.