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Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Friend

I am so lucky to have some really good friends but I want to share about my friend Nadine. She is a remarkable person, wife, mother,daughter, and friend. Today I went to a birthday party she was having for her 9 year old daughter. She was having a webkin party. If you do not know what a Webkin is then let me tell you. It is a stuffed animal that has a code on his/her tag. You use this code to get on the computer to play games and get points to earn things for your virtual pet. Well it was the hottest party in town. Today we pampered our pet. You brought a pet or Webkin and you got a bed and blanket. You made a crown, personalized collar, and a decorated foam visor. Then you went to see Dr. McQuack to have Pet physical(wish mine was that quick and easy) and then you went to wash at the Salon. It was the most fun a bunch of young kids could have in a 2 hour period. I keep telling Nadine she would make a killing be a party planner! She is amazing and anal retentive and that makes her even better! Well I know Nadine checks my blog occasionally so that is why I am posting this~she always blows off compliments and she is her toughest critic so I am sending her kudos through my blog! Nadine you are wonderful! And today was so much fun for all the kids and the adults, too!


Sharon said...

She sounds like a fun friend and a wonderful mom!

I have something for you at my blog.

Nadine said...

You are too sweet....thank you! And I really do appreciate your help today! Hugs!