This is a corner of my world where the hokey pokey really is what it's all about! So when life hits you all at once ~ just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Enjoy the Ride

Life is like a ride in the country with the windows rolled down. You don't know what you will see or what adventures you will embark upon ~you just enjoy the ride! NO everything that you meet in life is fun or enjoyable. But do you like all of the sights and smells along the country ride. I don't think so~Skunk smells and cow poop! I think those are the times in our life where we hit that bump in the road or that large hole in a bridge. We have to regroup and continue to trudge ahead! Just like the skunk smell that lingers for what seems like miles sometimes are rough patches seem to never end. It is hard to smile and pretend everything is wonderful or even just ok. That is why we have friends! They are the air freshener in the car. They are not always in the view but the scent of them is always around to lend a hand, shoulder, or ear. Now everything on your journey isn't a bump~so many times things are smooth sailing! You just have to hold on, know that God will always ensure that you have enough Gas to make it through the trip. Besides whether your journey is smooth or bumpy, God has something in the journey to help strengthen us and help us grow. There is nothing better than rolling the windows down, cranking the music up and traveling in the country with the wind blowing in your hair. It doesn't get any better than that! So when life throws a curve at you~just sit back, crank the music up, and enjoy the ride.


Andrea said...

Very well said. WOnderful post!

dot said...

Very good post! You're a good writer.