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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back To the Basics

Well for weeks I have put off typing about life~instead I have focused on funny tales. I guess when life hits me like a Mac Truck backs up and runs over me repeatedly I remove myself by pouring myself into funny tidbits. For a minute or two it gets my mind off of me. I have always done this~believe me you don't just turn 40 and pick up new habits. Otherwise~my hubby would be retrained. All my life when life got complicated I would focus on anything other than me. For the past two years my life has been tumbled around like and ADHD fart in a tornado. My hubby of 13 years was nailed by his boss~literally. It was a 8 penny nail to the eye. Thanks to God~He did not lose his sight or his eye. Mind you he has constant headaches and his vision is declining could have been so much worse. His boss who promised that he would make this right and take care of all medical bills lied~told us one set of lies for the first year. Jay went out on his own and has learned a lot about his former boss that makes my stomach churn. In these two years we have grown closer~none of his bills have paid by his former boss~we have been battling this with lawyers~going out on his own has been wonderful but ~ stressful none the less. For the past few months we have been trying to get this issue behind us and it will in time. Just not in my time. I have so many things that I am grateful for~Jay taking a leap of faith in himself and taking a chance to go out on his own, the fact we have grown closer, I am grateful that we are doing alright financially through this endevor. Last year we took a financial planning class to try to get out of debit~get rid of credit cards and put back for emergencies.I had not reached that financial Peaceful place when we went out on this leap of faith. But God has not let us fall flat on our face~we hace a few bandaides and some scrapes. But we are doing alright! I guess the purpose of this post is that this is one of my recent frustrations. For the next few days it is my goal to post the things that have gotten me to always say "I am fine!" If you do not know what fine means in my dictionary~Fu@@ed Up, Insane, Nuerotic, and Emotional! For the past few weeks I have been very very FINE!! But I have been my own shrink for years and if I don't get this crap out it will drive me nuts and take away from my normal charming disposition! If you know me I know you are laughing your behind off! Ok~it will make me feel better!


Liz said...

THanks for visiting my blog.

THis is an incredibly personal and brave post to write. WEll done you! What is it with some people that make them mess up other people's lives? I'm glad God has brought you through and that he's sticking on the bandaids until the wound is healed and all that's left is a scar. Because a scar will remain but it won't hurt any more.

I'll look forward to reading more of the things that make you feel fine!

Suburbia said...

It sounds as though you have had a hard time.You covered it up well, I would never have known! What a dreadful thing to happen to your husband. I hope you win your case for compensation, he certainly should pay, and more.
I have enjoyed reading your posts and I am looking forward to the next few days of 'fine' posting!

ps. I see Liz has beaten me to it! I often seem to follow her around.

Susan said...

Thanks Liz and Suburbia for reading. It feels good to get this out!