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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It all started with a test!

Well for the past 3 days all the K teachers at my school(5) have been going to the local daycare to test the upcoming K for next year. We do this as a service to help us during registration to make things go smooth and quick. It has taken us to @ lunchtime before getting back to the school~yes it is nice being with adults and having a break from routine. BUT I like teaching because I like my kids. Well when I walked into the school I saw my kids for @8 minutes after their lunch and they loved and hugged on me as if we haven't seen each other in a month. It is nice to be loved! Well, I took them to their hour block~which is my planning time and they go to PE and another 30 min. activity. I have alot of testing I have to do to end our school year on the 19 students that are in my group(regular and inclusion students), plus report cards, plus teach/review, plus prevent injury and maintain order. I need to be an octopus and do alot of multi tasking to get everything done. OH!I forgot that we only have 16 school days to get this done. I forgot I have meetings I have to go to that we keep me out of my room for 4 1/2 days in those 16 days. Well during my planning I have started making a to do list that is now 2 legal pages long and this is only for school stuff! Oh~please don't feel sorry just start laughing it gets better. Well when my kids finally get back in the class from PE, we go to the potty and get water. We finally finished and I thought I would try to at least teach one Math lesson before the day was over. We get ready to start Math and the fire alarm goes off. Well I just laughed~I am tired so my laughter turned to tears. This whole time I get my class, grab the roll, and exit to the hall. A friend asked me did I want them to close my door. I looked and knew who the last child was and said yes because she was with me. I am still laughing while leaving the building because I didn't know if any kids were out and I was laughing because I was trying to teach. Anyway we get outside. I am checking the roll and the teacher that shut my door walked up to me. She has my cutie Josh. She said you left him in the bathroom I saw him coming out when I shut the door. OK ~18years of teaching I have never lost or left a child. I have had them run away from school but I was running behind them but I never left. Well I am at this point laughing and crying to the point my students can't figure out the deal. My Josh looks up at me and says with very wide eyes,"You left me on the pot!" I looked at him and said that he had asked to go 10 minutes ago I thought you came out. (The bathrooms are located in our room.) I am so .........stressed this time of year but this is not like me. I am a child counter at all times. But it happened ~It was a drill~and He knew to go outside and find me!
Well~If this had been the end of my stressful day I would have been happy! But then my hubby called and left me a voice mail to call him ASAP. I called thinking is was trivial and he said I had just been summoned to court duty~Monday! So for those of you who know me I am FINE!! Hope your day was less stressed than mine!! Hope you have a Smurfy Day!


Liz said...

Oh dear, I laughed! Well, you must have taught him well as he knew what to do in the drill. So be pleased with yourself.
"You left me on the pot" - ha ha ha, I am still laughing!

Suburbia said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope the court thing is ok. I can see that you are absolutly FINE!!
Hope tomorrow is much better?!

Andrea said...

Interesting test here. Nice post.

Suburbia said...

Hi Susan
Just called by on the off chance! Hope all is well :)

Suburbia said...

It must nearly be time to stop work and have a holiday?!
Take care :)