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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worm Song

I was reading Suburbia's blog tonite about talking to a worm and I got tickled. It reminded me of a song we sang as kids. If you know it sing along!Nobody likes me, Everybody Hates meGuess I'll go eat wormsBig ones, Fat ones, Juicy ones and black ones,Guess I'll go eat worms,First ones greasy~went down easySecond one stuck in my throat.Third one rustedFourth one bustedFifth one tried to run~SQUISH!!!!Now the song is stuck in my head~I am beginning to think that teaching kindergarten in affecting my mental state! Have a Happy Day!


dot said...

I still sing that sometimes!

Suburbia said...

I've been humming it all day since I read your comment this morning!! However I couldn't remember all the words. Thanks a lot!!