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Monday, March 24, 2008

There are 3 kinds of Eggs

Someone wrote a book about All I needed to know in Life I learned in Kindergarten~ well they must have been a teacher. I learned about the 3 kind of eggs we have in the world from a 5 year old Hispanic child. We were talking about Easter and hunting eggs and my student "Dana"(name is changed)explained she had been hunting the not real eggs. I tried to clarify for the other students and said, "Oh you were finding the colored plastic eggs?" NO! Not those the not real kind! I was quickly told. Well in trying to understand what she was telling me I learned about the 3 kind of eggs. (1) Fake eggs also known as plastic (2) Chicken eggs (3) The not real ones that you have to "crap the shell". "What?" I said. "Don't you mean the ones you crack the shell because they are boiled?" "NO! I didn't say that you have to "crap the shell~you know they are white and green kinda!" OH now I think I get it. Dana you mean these are eggs that you get from a chicken or buy at the store and you boil them! Then you "CRACK" them. She quickly let me know that those eggs did not come from a chicken they are not real and yes~you crap them open! Well as there are 4 adults in my class rolling on the floor I tried to get her to say "crack"~she reminded me that is what she is saying and that no chicken to going to give me an egg like that! Well to say the least I think that she was talking about a boiled egg and it is white and the yolk if not broken does have a slight green look if boiled for awhile~however at my house we crack and not crap the shell on a boiled egg. I never did convince her that it was a chicken egg not I am going to show her how to take an egg show her it raw and then boil another and show her what will happen. But as for me I had a smile on me face all day! Dana is quite a funny child who is very expressive! I hope everyone had a great Easter!


dot said...

That is really cute! Kids say the darndest things.

Sharon said...

That is so funny! I love listening to kids!

Nadine said...

And you are a good does that mean there are four kinds of eggs?