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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do you remember the easy Bake Oven?

Alright~ How old are you? Do you remember the Easy Bake oven? I bet you had one and cooed with a light bulb just like millions of other little girls and some boys! Sara got one last year for Christmas and we haven't used it as much as we should. But... I must say the one I had 35 years ago is not much different from the one we used today. Mine was turquoise and had knobs that did nothing and a light bulb that cooked the food. Today it is Pretty in Pink but it still uses the same bulb. Sara and I cooked a surprise for the boys tonight. Jay has really really worked very hard this week and it has been a rough week for him so....Sara and I are trying to cheer them up with a brownie! Chocolate works for me! Especially Dark Chocolate! I hope it works for him. If it doesn't...just knowing that his little girl made it will do the trick! Have a Great Day!


Suburbia said...

Oh wow I was a deprived child!!! I NEVER had one of those, what a great idea.

I love cooking with the children, especially now they are older as it is less messy!!!

Hope your hols are going well :) Did the brownies go down well? They don't last long in the tin here!

Susan said...

I amso sorry you didn't have one of these cool things. It is cheaper to not use it but it is easy and fun! The time off has been wonderful! The brownies? Well..they were not wasted.

Suburbia said...

Oh I forgot to say I have an award for you, come and get it when you have time!

Maggie May said...

They were probably all the rage when my kids were young but they never had one of those! certainly were not around when I was a child!
Came over via Suburbia!

Suburbia said...

Hi Susan, to take your award:
At my place, right click on the award pic. Then click on 'save as' and it will save it in your 'my picture' file on your computer.
Then highlight the text from ''it was creeated by 'recipiant to do the same'.Right click on the highlighted text and click on copy.
Go to your blog, open new post page. Click in the text box for your new post then right click and choose paste. The text from mine should appear in the box. To put the pic in just download as usual from your computer 'my pic' file.
To get the photo in your side bar go into customise / page elements and click on 'add page element'. Choose photo and download from your computer as before.

I hope that makes sense! You deserve the award because of all the positive and kind comments you always leave at mine.
Happy 4th July!
Suburbia x

Susan said...

Maggie May~ Glad to have you and hope you will visit again. Sorry you missed out on cooking with a little light bulbs but is was fun as a kid not so much as an adult~I now realize why my Mama never wanted to get it out!
Suburbia~Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to your instructions. Thank you Thank you for the awrd and the instructions. I will be putting it on my post soon! Thanks for teaching this old dog new tricks!