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Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, It happened!

Remember those cute adorable hamsters that Mr. Honey thought was such a good idea to get in a set of two? Well Debbie and Princess turned out to be Debbie and Prince and they had a litter of 7. I have told my crew for weeks that it was time for them to go. The first time they took them~the pet store said they were too small. Now~it is too late! Debbie and Prince have decided 7 is not enough and this am delivered a new pile of babies. What in the Hell was I thinking? Now only do we have @7 more we have another problem. Sam ~ the small cute one my dumb husband told my son that he could missing! Yep! You heard correctly~Samis somewhere in a house that has 4 cats that love moles! Guess what! My son is beyond upset~I am trying not to laugh and Mr. Honey is still an idiot for getting 2!

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dot said...

Too funny! I wonder what you are going to do with all those critters.