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Monday, July 21, 2008

Well I did it anyway!

In 2 weeks I will have 2 3/4 days for preplanning and then school will begin~AGAIN! Well I am angry that we only get @ 3 days to unpack our room, redecorate, regroup for a new crowd, and plan. They know we will go up there to get it all done even though they are paying for 3 days. But I swore I wouldn't go up to the school to do anything. I was going to get what they paid for~But oh no! I couldn't resist. Jay helped me by painting my bulletin boards. Normally I just put up cloth so that it won't fade. The old stuff had been up for 7 years. And would still be up ~BUT they painted our classrooms so I had to take it down and it is expensive to do the 8 large boards. So I let him paint them. It is the color of Honolulu blue~hopefully it will keep the kids calm! Ha Ha!! But now i have finished making 23 new chair bags with the help of my Mama. not to mention made folders, envelopes, and much more. I have gotten on the computer and made info sheets,favors for open house, and more! I have probably spent two days working on things that I should be doing during pre-planning but there is just not enough time during those few days to do all this plus, schedule, plan, pull resources, books, etc. So there now I said it! I have vented and soon will feel better when I am not in a panic and everyone is wishing they had done what I did! Hope you are having a Smurfy Day!


Suburbia said...

Happens here too! There's so much to do, you have to go in don't you. It dosen't seem fair but in the end it will make your life much easier!
Now just forget work and enjoy the rest of your holidays, you've got ages to go yet!!

Susan said...

I am going to try but my mind keeps wondering to that place of work! I have gotten better about leaving paperwork at school ~once it is in session! But.... I am trying not to ruin my last 2 weeks (week and a half)