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Monday, January 7, 2008


What makes a friend a friend? What determines a friend over an acquaintance over just someone you know. If I were to count the number of friends that I have it would take one hand and a couple of fingers. I know many people and I have a lot of acquaintances, but my friends are rare, few, and very special. I got the joy of sitting in a long workshop today filled with everyone in my school system. I have taught for 18 years in both regular and special education so I knew many people that attended this meeting. But when it came to wanting to visit and enjoy the company of those around me~there was only 1 that I considered a friend. It is amazing how superficial people are and where there priorities are in life. Maybe it is because I turned 40 this year or the fact that friendship is more than superficial show and tell. I love to people watch and I love to sit in a crowded area and look and listen to those around me. It is amazing to the things you hear and see. You realize it is not the number of friends you have ~ It is the value of the friends you have. I know that at any moment at anytime of day or night that I can call those 6-7 friends and they would not hesitate to do anything for me or my family. I am so wealthy and it is not with money it is with the friends that I am so fortunate to have. They are there when I call and listen when I talk. They do not pretend to be my friend for the moment or while certain people are around. They are truly friends. Don't get me wrong it is nice to know a bunch of people from church, school, work, etc. but always know who are the ones that are genuine and be grateful for them. I am lucky and blessed! One true friend is more valuable the a vault full of money. Always remember to let your friends know that you appreciate them and that you, too will be there for them. Challenge to whoever is out there reading~Do something special for your friend just to let them know you love them and are grateful for them. Have a great day! And if you want to have some fun~people watch!

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Paulie said...

Interesting essay! I have a friend like that, Myrl, Now that she had a stroke, I get to do the "work." If she hadn't been such a gret friend for many eyrs in my life, I couldn't be bothered now. BUT I am.