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Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Beginnings

Well call me a follower or just jealous! Several folks I know have Blogs and seem to enjoy having an outlet so...... I decided to give it a shot! We will see how it goes. This is a new year and full of new beginnings and fresh starts. I am married and have two wonderful kids. We have decided as a family to start becoming healthy this year. This will be a challenge and I am going to need this space to provide me an outlet for the good~the bad~ and the ugly! We have walked 3 times this week and I hope that we will continue. But this is the first week so we will see how the year goes! I am a teacher and school starts back soon. Believe it or not but this will be a good thing because I think we will do better when we go back to a routine! This year will be a year of new beginnings for me. I do not really make resolutions but I do have a few wishes~positive attitude toward my job, patience with my family and a promise to try to become healthier for myself and my family! If you know me I love the expression~Enjoy the ride! That is what like is a ride and along the way there are dips, curves, holes and crashes! so we have to sit back and enjoy the ride and learn from those things and people that we meet along the way! Have a Great Day! Hope you come back as this is still under construction!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Paulie said...

ivvlyrbaI knew I saw that you were starting a blog but I couldn't remember where i saw it. I forgot to click on your name right then. . . today, I was looking at someone's comments and saw it again so decided to click! Here I am finally.

You will like blogging. Some days I get frustrated because they won't upload my photo but I always go back.