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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I love kids! It is amazing that after 18 years of teaching just when you think you have seen or heard it all a new child enters your life! I was eager to come back after the holidays! But all of my kids were excited about being in school and excited about seeing me and their friends. OK ! So they were probably more excited about seeing their friends than me! Since not all families are created equal~I do not come back from the holidays asking for what that were given for Christmas. Instead I ask each Kindergartener to name one thing they did or someone they saw or something special that happened. I love 5 year olds! Unlike a lot of adults that I know and work with, these students value time with family and friends more than stuff! Most of my children shared about someone they played with or something they did or how much they missed their friends. I wish that all of us could learn something from these thoughts. We get so caught up in stuff and things and we forget the value of time and friends. I know that at the beginning of each year that God puts the children in my class that I am suppose to teach. But in reality it is me that needs those kids. Every year I learn new things about myself an about life! So I guess this is true~Everything I needed to know about life I learned from a Kindergartener!


Paulie said...

AMEN to your last sentence! I sure do miss teaching Kindergarten!

Sharon said...

I agree with you about coming back after a holiday. I teach 2nd grade (after 21 years in 1st) and it is a pleasure to see and listen to them. I wrothe a little about this in my blog. I pray over my class all the time, and pray that God will help me be the person I need to be for His little ones.