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Sunday, January 13, 2008


In this part of South Ga we experience warm winter weather and chilly winter weather. I LOVE cold weather! I would love to live in an area where it stayed cold for 3/4 of the year. If my husband and family would move further North~I would love it! But since we are located in a region that doesn't see snow and rarely experiences extreme cold weather we have to learn to enjoy what we get. On January 4th the temp dropped into the 20s and gave Jay and I the excellent chance to freeze the tree. Most folks have no idea what I mean by that~but once you see it the idea makes a grown child smile! We take a sprinkler and we place it on a tall ladder and let it spray the tree during thr freezing hours of the night! In the mornign when you wake up you have a beautifully iced tree! The kids love it! Well my hubby was concerned about wasting all of the water since we are in a drought~so we only left the water on for a couple of hours. I hope you like the pictures of my kids enjoying it as it melted! I hope eveyone has had a fun and restful weekend and a wonderul adventurous week!


dot said...

It's pretty and I'd love to do it here but I'd probably get locked up. lol

Paulie said...

What an interesting idea! Glad you got some neat photos.