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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Where would we be without electricity? Cold, dark, hungry are things that come to my mind! Well today our power went off~yep~I should have gone to Church as it happened around 12:15pm. You would think since it wasn't freezing and the weather wasn't bad that the power would be on in an hour or two~ya think? No! We just got it back on about 22 minutes ago. Now the big question how many people does it take to get the electricity back on.......drum roll please..... It takes 4 Huge truck, 3 regular trucks, a piece of equipment and 8 or more working people not to mention after several hours without power at least 15 neighbors to supervise their work. And if not to make the matters worse do you really want to know why the power went off~ANTS! No not the woman that is your mother's sister the small red kind that make large hills. Well since this was my last day before going back to work~I sure had a great afternoon! I did go walking 3 miles again today so at least I am trying to stay on track! But.....if it weren't for my dearest friend I probably wouldn't have gone today! So I am lucky to have a wonderful and caring friend like Nadine who knows just how to encourage without making you want to hurt her! Have a smurfy day!

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Paulie said...

I know how you feel. We had an ice storm 4 years ago that took out power. We were only 5 hours without it -- many homes were three days!!!!!!!!! School was even cancelled one day.