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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thanks Sharon!

I want to say a Great Big Thank you to Sharon! She tagged me with my first award for making her day! I have tried to figure our how to attach people's site to their name and I need the bloggers for dummies! I can't figure it out but I do want Sharon to know how much I enjoy her site! Her award made my day! I also want to say thanks to Dot and Paulie who have also made my day! You ladies have visited my site and I appreciate it! Thanks~I have started this to give me an outlet and some sawdust therapy as my hubby calls it. I have enjoyed it and you guys have helped! Thanks Sharon!! You have really made my day!


dot said...

If you will send me an e-mail I'll answer and tell you how to do that. I think you want it so that when you click on her name it will take you to her site. My address is in my profile.

Paulie said...

Don't forget to also put the award on your sidebar!

I started out slow blogging and had very first posts the first year. Now I have many more/almost daily because I have come to know a few people and that encourages me. Belonging to a few groups that post on a certain day about a certain topic also helps.

Glad you enjoy my blog.

Andrea said...

Hi, I found you on Dot's Georgia bloggers list. I am from Georgia also. I live in the same county as Dot but different town. I will be back to visit you again.

Nadine said...

You need bloggers for dummies....I guess I do too then! LOL I thought this was just a place to post my thoughts etc. I didn't even know you could send awards, attach anything etc. When you find out, let me know! Ha!